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(c) Nawa Photography

The DJ SET BIZ’ART is about a simple pleasure : invite the audience to join us for an interactive music session. One hour for everyone to dance, to clap hands, to make noise, not to be in rythm, to take part in crazy choreos, to enjoy absurd, stupid & acrobatic interludes, or just to sit down and watch.




As Alfred de Musset would probably not say :


« No matter how we do it, as long as we enjoy the moment together ».


On the menu :


Some Funk, some Old school hip hop, some Afrobeat,

and mostly anything that makes us bootyshake !


About 1 heure divided into 3 sets

Please provide a big sound system & rescue services nearby

Emmanuel Pampuri DJ set isle @epampuri (

(c) Emmanuel Pampuri

(c) Emmanuel Pampuri

The Options :


Continuity - Performed right after BOUCAN

This DJ SET can be performed right after BOUCAN, to complete and deepen its narration. Thus, the audience is invited to finally "live the party they have missed", and doing so, the participants definitely break the 4th wall. Together with the artists and with the unknown persons who shared the last hour of show with them, they will dance and laugh, let themselves go and eventually maybe meet each other..

Impromptu - Autonomous

The DJ SET biz’art can also be played independently, as an autonomous performance. In that case, some short circus acts or unexpected clown apparitions will intervene as transitions between the 3 DJs and increase the interactions with the audience members.


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