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Do you have the time?

Are you not afraid?


Cirk biZ'arT transports you to the new-old circus cabaret ! One hour - well, about 60 minutes - filled with fun flips, weird wizards, mind-blowing mind reading, lazy levitation, a boxing bout and the French Can't Can't.


It slams, it swings, it will astound your grandma !


But who are they?

They are 3. 

She is beautiful. 

He is not, but the other one is.

They speak lots of languages.

They do circus.

Well... Very well in fact.

They are also modest.

Direction & performance :

Laurie Roger

Jonah Katz

Rémy Bombled

* Audience Prize * Festival Les Affranchis 2015


* Audience Prize * Samovar festival 2015


François-Xavier Lartigue

Production / distribution:

Anaëlle Strauch


Pictures :

Nawa Photography

Additional Information :

Duration : 1h15

Dialogues in French & English

which can be adapted in any language.

Show suitable for all ages - except sensitive parents

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