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They talk about it in the media

Interview with Cirk biZ'arT on Radio Cave CARLI

Cirk biZ'arT was on Radio Cave Carli in the show Cultive ton Mars in June 2015 in Marseille.

Article on Cirk biZ'arT in the newspaper La Montagne during the Aurillac festival

Press review of the 23rd edition of the Les Affranchis à la Fleche festival

during which Cirk biZ'arT won the OFF award

(The company will therefore be scheduled in the IN in 2016)

Radio interview of the OFF Prize Laureates

of the Les Affranchis festival

on Radio Prévert

Video review of the 1st International Biennial of Circus Arts in Marseille

in which Cirk biZ'arT participated from 04 to 13 February 2015

(4 performances under the Magic Mirror - marquee area on D-4)

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