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Le  ChapiZ'arT

Cirk biZ'arT wishes to launch the construction of a traveling performance structure during 2019 with several objectives in mind:

- promote and develop the circus arts and the performing arts where infrastructure is lacking.

- encourage and develop artistic creation by offering a space for creating or broadcasting shows and offering residences and optimal playing conditions to emerging companies.

- ensure the sharing and transmission of knowledge through workshops.

- pool this tool with other companies to meet future challenges in the cultural sector.

(Alone we go faster, together we go further ...)

The project

le Projet
la Construction


In order to create this structure in the most functional and atypical way possible, Cirk biZ'arT has joined forces with Atelier Sud Side in Marseille. With 30 years of experience in building structures for the performing arts, Sud Side gives us the benefit of its expertise in order to design equipment that is at once intelligent, mobile and light.

Assembly time: 1 day max. to 6 people

(including sound and light)

Disassembly time: same

Installation: Installation with or without clamps

(ballast with a sausage filled with water)

Diameter of the imagined structure: 17m

spectator gauge: about 300 people

Transport: VL class 2 + trailer

- Please note this information is subject to change during the design phase -

Dessins Jeanne Autran

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