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Cirk biZ'arT is a French-American circus based at the artistic collective "Le Morozoff" in Marseille, France.

Since its creation in 2013, Cirk biZ'arT has toured worldwide in festivals, theaters, streets and circus tents with the intention of generating laughter everywhere from everyone. They mix clown, object manipulation, dance and acrobatics while comedy and improvisation remain central disciplines.

Their story begins in an undersized blue caravane on the grounds of a French circus festival. Trapped inside by the pouring rain, Laurie, Rémy & Jonah quickly laughed their way into a deeply artistic friendship feeding their mutual love for the stage, circus, comedy, and adventure.

BOUCAN - Affiche web-2019.jpg

In 2014, they conjured a crazy circus and comedy cabaret mixing their respective disciplines and universes: the "Cabaret biZ'arT"


What started as a "one night only" joke show became - after 5 years of touring, 250 performances in 14 countries - an unexpected and beautiful story...


In 2017, the biZ'arTs - as they are now being called - began a new chapter by conceptualizing a new show. Two years later their new hilarious, explosive, colorful creation was released - BOUCAN


In theaters, circus tents, living rooms, squats, streets, weirdo collectives, refugee camps, jails, and everywhere else people are crazy enough to invite them, the biZ'arTs spread joy with their favorite medicine: laughter.


"We are all born mad. Some remain so"

                                             Vladimir in Waiting for Godot by S. Beckett

 By the end of 2019, Cirk biZ'arT completed:


  • 3 creations

  • 5 tours

  • 2 public awards
  • 250 performances

  • In 14 countries


Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic,

France and French Guiana, Belgium,

Turkey / Turkish Kurdistan, Portugal,

Netherlands, Spain, Morocco, Italy,

Switzerland, Ivory Coast, Jordan ...


And more to come !

2018 Montage Boucan.jpg
Support us

Support us

The purpose of the association C irk bi Z 'ar T is to set up any activity intended to promote the performing arts:

- The creation, production, and broadcasting of shows.

- The organization of cultural events.


To join and / or make a donation to the organization :

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