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BOUCAN is an explosive cocktail of physical theater, contemporary circus, live music,  time travel, and above all, comedy. Originally based on Beckett's Waiting for Godot, BOUCAN quickly developed into an original experience of love and laugher where together we expose the great absurdity - and beauty - of life. 


At the whim of the DJ the three partiers sail between memories and the task at hand recollecting the night before. Absurd revelations, improbable situations, unexpected cascades of comedy, help from the audience —everything will be done to share the madness of celebration and reveal the personalities, relationships, and the story which caused the destruction.



Direction & circus performance :

Laurie Roger,

Rémy Bombled

and Jonah Katz

Beatboxer - sound effects :

Creation: Nasser Chebbi "Nash"

Tour: Alexis Goulene Lasselle

Lights & Sound :

FX Lartigue / Martin Hermant

Anaëlle Strauch



* Coproducers :

La Nef - Fabrique des Cultures Actuelles

Daki Ling - Le Jardin des muses

Les Mystères de l'Ouest

Zim Zam - Fadoli's Circus

Les Subsistances - Les Baltringos

Cirkul'R - Le Morozoff - Archaos

* Residencies :

Archaos - Pôle Cirque Méditerranée

Centre International des Arts en Mouvement

Extrême Jonglerie

Estreyarte, Granada - ESPAGNE

Rencontres Internationales du Cirque d'Abidjan



* Grants :

Ville de Marseille - Creation grant

Spedidam - Creation grant

Région Sud - Booking grant

Département des Bouches-du Rhône

"Provence en Scène"

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Additional information

* Silent show with live sound effects

* Suitable for all ages, from 6-8 years old

* Duration : 1h13

* Countries of performance since February 2019 :

France, Germany, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Slovakia.

* Crew on tour : 6 people

* Possibility to extend the BOUCAN experience with our DJ SET

(c) Nawa Photography

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